Our flush deck quick-connect system offers a wide choice of configurations and workloads for multiple uses, on sailboats, motorboats, and superyachts. 
From the smallest model, suitable for attaching fenders, ropes, and retainers, to larger models, with high load capacity, which can be used to stop curtains, halyards, to deflect sheets, or as a simple removable eyebolt. The biggest model of the series is dedicated to large boats and can be equipped with steel or carbon stanchions, making the system completely removable and easy to install for all applications onboard superyachts: helipad, foldable terraces, areas to be provisionally secured. The bases are available in 4 sizes and are completely watertight, requiring no drain connection below the deck. There are 3 options available for the male plugs.

Our quick-locks are designed and manufactured in Italy by i-Carbon.

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